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All our offers are listed on our shop page. Basically we provide three types of documents; IDs, Passports and SSN Cards. These documents can either be real or fake, so please make sure you choose the right type when you place an order. Of course real documents are costlier than fake documents.

We’ve added eCommerce functionality to our website, so it’s easy to place an order.

  1. Visit the shop page and click on the document you need.
  2. Specify whether you’re requesting the real document or a fake document.
  3. Select the quantity you need
  4. Add the document to the shopping cart.
  5. Proceed to the checkout page.
  6. Provide your personal and shipping information.
  7. Choose a payment option.
  8. Submit order.

Submit Your Info

Photo Requirements

A majority of documents are classified as photo IDs because they carry the bearer’s photo. Examples of such include Passports, Driver’s Licences, National ID cards and some professional IDs. For a guide on how to correctly submit photos please take a look at our photo specification page.

Submit Information

If you’re sure you’ve fully understood the photo requirements (or if your document does NOT require a photo) please proceed to the information submission page and provide all the necessary information for the creation of your desired document.

Submit Payment

We accept a variety of payment options which are displayed on the last step of the checkout process. Explanations of how these payment options work can be found on our payment options page.