Arizona Fake ID


ID In Arizona

$ 150

1-2 IDs

$ 120

3-9 IDs

$ 100


  • Advance Scanner pass
  • Microprint
  • UV & Holo
  • Duplicates: Negotiable


ID In Arizona

It’s against the law to drive a motor vehicle with an expired license. You face a possible fine of $150 for not being able to show an active driving license. On top of that, if more than three (3) years have gone by since your license expired, you will not be allowed to renew without retaking all tests. These include the eye test, written test, and driving test.

If you violate the rules of traffic, you will be given points on your driving record. Depending on the severity of your violation, your license can even be suspended. If you receive more than 12 points you will receive a suspension notice via mail. On top of facing suspension and receiving points on your record, your insurance company will increase their rates. To shop for cheaper rates please use our online car insurance guide. In order to recover from a suspended license, you must serve the suspended time period and then pay a restoration fee of $100.


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