Walmart 2 Walmart

How to Make Payment via Walmart2Walmart (Powered by Ria)

  • Fees: Starting at $4
  • Send money from a Walmart store for pick up at a Walmart store within the United States, including Puerto Rico
  • Start transfers from a Walmart store or the app

How much does it cost to send money using Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria or Walmart2World Powered by MoneyGram at a Walmart store or starting the transaction in the Walmart app?

Less than you might think! Fees are as follows

  • $0-$50:                    $4.00
  • $51-$1000:               $8.00
  • $1001-$2500:          $16.00

Can I send money to an account or mobile wallet?

Depending on the provider and where the transfer is sent, receive options include cash, account deposit, mobile wallet and home delivery. 

How do I send money once I’m at a Walmart store?

When you arrive to your local Walmart store, visit the Customer Service Desk or Money Services Center. Be sure to bring your photo identification. You can pay with either U.S. currency or a PIN-based debit card. Use the store locator to find the nearest store!  

How do I start a transaction in the app?

Once you have downloaded the app, click on Money Services in the Services section. Enter your information on the Send Money page. When finished head to your local Walmart. Skip the line and complete the transaction at the Express lane in the Money Services Center or Customer Service Desk. Be sure to bring your photo identification. You can pay with either U.S. currency or a Pin-based debit card.  

When will the money be available for a cash pick up?

With a few exceptions, cash will be ready to be paid out in as little as 10 minutes*, except for transactions that need further review by RIA or MoneyGram.

What photo identification do you accept?

Photo Identification is needed when sending or receiving money. A valid government issued photo identification that is not damaged or expired is an acceptable form of ID. This includes:  

  • US Drivers’ License, including Puerto Rico
  • State ID, including Puerto Rico
  • US Passport
  • International Passport
  • Military ID
  • US Permanent Resident Card
  • Tribal ID
  • Mexican Matricula Consular

Paper temporary IDs and digital IDs will not be accepted.

How do I track a transfer?

If you are sending a Walmart2World Powered by MoneyGram transfer or a transfer through MoneyGram’s network, you can use our Track a Transfer tool. All you need is your Reference Number and last name.